Do computers scream when they die?

I'm screaming... crying... flinging my hands in the air in abject despair, and I'm wondering if the computer would do the same if it could.

But it's been a good week, seriously. Look at all those book reviews I posted, and note my frequent absence from Facebook and Twitter. I've been writing and editing and even beta-reading for a couple of friends. And today... Today was the day I was going to finally finish that last read-through of Infinite Sum, ready to send it back to the publisher. Today was going to be great! Except...

My computer took 15 minutes to get from gray screen to blue, brought up an error message, took 15 more minutes from okay to black-screened unresponsiveness, produced a start button which I pressed in hopes of stopping, took 15 minutes to the next error message and even more to shut down... And then I began to wonder if my seriously good and wonderfully productive week was suddenly at risk.

When I tried to switch the computer back on, it screamed.

And so did I.

Friendly Computers, our local, very friendly, incredibly helpful and super efficient computer repair people (they once recovered all our son's data from a hard drive that he'd plugged in with the wrong power adaptor, after the more familiar Geeks told him it would cost thousands just to look at), have just phoned me with the news that my hard drive is irrecoverably friend. They're going to put a new one in, and I did do an image backup "recently"---last Sunday, I hope---so they'll get me back to wherever I was then.

Meanwhile, those unposted reviews, the beta-read file that I nearly finished yesterday, the wonderful edits to Infinite Sum... well, they all happened during this gloriously productive and exciting week, and they're all gone. So...

If I recently agreed to do a book review for you, or to post a guest blog, or to... etc... please would you remind me and resend the appropriate files, because this week's data is as fried as burned toast in the sky.


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