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Don't Fight Love

Today, with the help of, I'm delighted to welcome two guests to my blog, Dr. Tony Ferretti and Dr Peter Weiss. They are the co-authors of a new and fascinating book on marriage called The Love Fight: How Achievers & Connectors Can Build a Marriage that Lasts . "Marriage matters," as one of the authors says below. And this timely book might help readers build marriages that matter in the right way. (Click on the image to find the book on Amazon, or scroll down for more information.) The Love Fight: How Achievers & Connectors Can Build a Marriage that Lasts . Written by Drs. Tony Ferretti, PhD and Peter Weiss, MD, The Love Fight explains how worldly, successful individuals fail at home in their intimate relationships, often from a mismatch of priorities and styles between the success-oriented 'Achievers' and their relationship-oriented 'Connector' spouses. Throughout this book, they share that there is hope for success

272 books, plus 5

So many books!!! I've just checked on Goodreads, and they say I reviewed 272 books in 2014. One son suggests I aim for 365 next year; but another, more wisely, suggests it's time I cut back. Still, there are so many good books out there, and I do so love to read! Of course, I did cut down a little over Christmas - so many good meals, so much good company... But here are a few more reviews from books read recently. Grab a coffee and match th at brew to the reading view. Starting with poetry - after all, Christmas is a pleasingly poetic season. Shadows of Poetry, by A. F. Stewart , is a beautifully presented gift book, with gorgeous illustrations and scrollwork, and well-drawn verses in well-metered sections, musing philosophically, arguing cogently, dreaming delightfully, and wandering the warring places of fantasy. Enjoy with a 5-star dark cup of coffee for those darker, haunting pages; or give it to someone as

Are you part Neanderthal?

I'm enjoying a virtual cup of coffee with author Harper Swan today. Her novella, Raven's Choice, blends science fiction, prehistory, and archeology into an enticing tale of genetics, Neanderthals, and mystery. I'm certainly looking forward to reading it, probably when the Christmas rush is done. After all, I love Jean Auel's books, and Kathleen Flanagan's Misfits and Heroes series. But I've never been tempted (yet) to write prehistory. So I had to ask Harper, when she agreed to visit here, what led to her writing this book. And here's her answer... Over to you, Harper Although I was interested in history even as a child, I first became fascinated with very ancient prehishoric times during eighth grade study hall one day in my middle school library.                  While browsing the science section, I ran across a book about early hominids. I was flabbergasted to discover that many other hominid species had lived on this Earth but were no longer he

Imagine a City Full of Santas

How did it get so close to Christmas! HELP!!!! And the fact that my kids are older and have left home really doesn't help (though the fact that they're coming home soon is wonderful!). Anyway, I am a Reader not a Writer is hosting a book blast for what looks like a really fun Christmas book for kids, and I promised I'd post something, in honor of the season of giving, and the joy of Santa Claus. There's even the chance to WIN A GIFT at the foot of this post, so don't forget to read down to the end! ABOUT THE BOOK: A City Full of Santas Ranked as #1 BestSeller on Amazon India This Christmas is special; really special for Santa. Read this lovely Christmas tale that would re-define the meaning of Christmas. A must read for everyone. Just like Pooja’s other books, this book brings love, warmth, and a special message. A story that parents would love to read to their children. WHERE TO FIND IT: Just .99 cents on ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Author Pooja

Searching for Facebook Diamonds?

Are you on Facebook? Would you like to join my page? Or are you hunting for diamonds? You'll have to scroll down to find the treasure I just learned of through Facebook, but to find my page... well, you might have to choose between three, or join them all. is my author page. is my page for the Five-Minute Bible Story Series. And is the page for my mathemafiction series, starting with Divide by Zero (now with real reviews and ratings on Amazon!) Then there are all those pages of friends of friends, and distracting games (I've not fallen for them yet), or... diamonds perhaps. Here's a diamond I found on Facebook today: a 99 cent sale for the charity anthology Gifts of the Magi! It's a Countdown sale, so it bumps to $1.99 Saturday afternoon, and so on, and on, so buy your copies now! http://www.a

Murder, Mystery, Time, Space and Antique Magic

I'm a guest on Murder by 4 today (but I didn't murder anyone; honest; it was one of my characters...) Meanwhile Eileen Harris, author of Antique Magic, is a guest on my blog, courtesy of b00k r3vi3w Tours. I suspect it was one of her characters who committed murder in Alicia Trent's home town, but we promise neither of us will hurt you. The coffee's guaranteed not to be poisoned, so please grab a cup, sit down, and join us while we chat. Hi Eileen. So... From Arizona to Upstate New York (see, I read your author bio)?   What's the same?   What's different?   What do you like best about where you live or have lived? That is a lot of questions in one.   Sorry. I'll stop to drink some coffee while you reply :) Arizona to Upstate New York is a massive change in almost everything.   I spent some time trying to think of what is the same.   In the end I couldn't come up with a thing.   Different was easy.   Everything is different.  

Where would you sell books?

Last year we wrote down goals in our writers' group and hid the bits of paper in a box. Soon we'll open the box. But will we have achieved our goals? The trick, of course, is to recognize we've all reached some goals, even if they weren't ours. I didn't get my books onto the shelves of Powells, but I got some into Jacobsens. Did I sell any? Probably not. But then, where would you expect to sell books in these modern, hitech days? On the internet? Amazon has this nice "look inside" feature, so you can flip through pages, read a bit, decide what you'd like... But Amazon also has an awful lot of books. So do, and, and more. And in this haystack, stacked to the virtual sky, who will find my words? In a bookstore? My latest dream is to get one of my books onto the shelves of Foyles in London. But it's not a goal. Somehow goals have to be something I believe I can achieve. Foyles? Nah, that's just a dream.