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A tale of motherhood

Tomorrow I shall interview author Lea Rachel on this blog. And in getting ready to "meet" her here, I thoroughly enjoyed reading her novel,  Seeking Forgiveness. I've just posted my review at: Seeking Forgiveness is a fascinating story, told in the very convincing voice of a mother--and I'm a mom, so it's a tale I could definitely relate to. When protagonist, Rachel, muses   “The hardest thing about being a parent… was the worrying and doing your best but having absolutely no idea if what you were doing was good enough,” I know what she means. And I'm sure it’s a quandary all parents share. But Rachel, the protagonist in this novel, is the white mother of an adopted African American child, in white America. She struggles to choose between living in a “poor” area with bad schools and kids that look like her son, or a “rich” area with good schools where Miles will be the exception proving the school is integrate