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Flower Child Blog Tour

With thanks to all those wonderful friends who've offered their support, their help, their advice, and even their blogs as Flower Child begins my first ever blog-tour... Here's a list of all the places I'll be visiting. I've put a nice sparkly banner at the top of the page too, so readers can get back to this list anytime with just one click. I'll update, fix errors, and add addresses as things change, but, so far, I think it's okay. And again, thank you all! These are all great blogs to visit anyday--why not check them out now? I'll post links and reminders all through October so you can visit them again and meet me there. Flower Child : just been released by Gypsy Shadow Publishing: Find it on Amazon! Find it on Smashwords ! Or follow my October Flower Child blog tour to learn more: 1. Aubrie Dionne: with thanks to a local writers' group. 2. Jenna-Lynne

More book reviews as the evenings start to lengthen

Will I read more books as the evenings grow long? I'm not sure. Football (soccer) season's started, so the guys are watching their matches in the evening--that certainly gives me time to read. But October's the month of my blog tour (see yesterday's post) so maybe I'll spend all my spare time visiting friends around the internet. Watch this space for a list of all the generous bloggers who've been kind enough to host me! Meanwhile, grab a coffee (brew type to be determined, and remember the stars aren't ratings). Then read on to find out what I've been reading... Literary fiction :  Michael Stein's The Rape of the Mus e is a beautiful literary novel that reads like a painting or a sculpture--more allegory, more image, more surprises waiting with every turn of the eye. Read and enjoy with a 4-star rich and elegant cup of coffee. Non-fiction : Heather Lende's books of essays, If you lived here, I'd know your name , was a gift from my husb

Quoth the raven...

It's nearly October, cold winds blow, and there's mud on the ground. Makes me think of ancient Britain and the Romans, so don't forget to look at yesterday's post, meet author Minnette Meador, and read about the history of London. Elsewhere the season's turning to scary horror stories. "Who's your favorite horror writer?" says the poll on Goodreads. ("Quoth the raven" comes to mind, obviously, but I suspect Stephen King wins the title for me.) Meanwhile, I'm still working on my futuristic novel Elijah's Children after time off in Alaska. Erin O'Riordan has given me a perfect image to keep in mind as Elijah, Lynnie and Boy meet up with those ravens. Go to to find out more (and see the picture!). And...  Drum roll...  Flower Child has been released! My third Gypsy Shadow book, and the first for which I'm going to be doing a blog tour. The drum's still rolling and I'm c

Meet Minnette Meador

Today's your chance to meet Minnette Meador, author of The Gladiator Prince... and to learn about the history of London. Be prepared to discover some truly fascinating facts... and when you've discovered them, go look for the book: KINDLE: NOOK; ***** This is part of the Virtual Book Tour for The Gladiator Prince . Please leave a comment for a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate at the end of the tour in addition to the weekly prize. Follow the tour at Goddess Fish Promotions . ***** Minnette describes herself as... Somewhere between thirty and hair, blue eyes...six kids, one slightly used husband, and any number of pets from time t

Meet the Gladiator Prince

Author Minnette Meador has a new book out this month, set in the same very real, very English historical world as The Centurion and the Queen and The Edge of Honor . In the Gladiator Prince , Prince Thane is the last surviving royalty of the Trinovantes Tribe in Roman Britannia, having surrendered to the Romans after the Boudicca Revolt to save his two daughters, whose identities he sacrifices his freedom to protect. He is condemned by Nero himself to become a gladiator, to fight until he dies in the arena. When his two daughters are taken in a slaver's raid, Thane escapes, forcing the daughter of his master to take him to Rome to save his children. Little does he know that the beautiful Syrian woman holds not only the key to his passion, but a secret that triggers a disaster that ignites the world. Will this spoiled willful girl betray him in the end or sacrifice herself to save them all? Book III of the Centurion Series. If you've been following Minnette's b

Are you a member of the Santa Club?

I'm delighted to welcome author Kelly Moss to my blog today--and not just because it gives me a bit of extra time for catching up. She's the author of the Santa Club , available from Amazon , Barnes and Noble , etc..., and if you're wondering what you'll do if your kids (or grandkids) start asking "Is Santa real?" this year, this is a magical and wonderfully appropriate book to give them. So, welcome Kelly Moss, and what inspired you to write such a great book? Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine. When I was younger reading was more of my focus than writing.   I loved to read David Eddings, Steven King, VC Andrews, and Ray Bradbury.   I also read the classics like Little Women and Jane Ayer.   Give me a historical romance and I am in.   But then again, any romance I would read, I am a girl.   I just wasn’t a girl that sat long enough to write.   It is so funny now I can sit for hours.   I prefer to write by myself in my office