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What roles are you committed to, and what if you were really "committed"?

 Today I get to welcome author Paoline Milana to my blog, with her book Committed. After reading a little about the book and author, I realize why this could be such a readable and important book, so look below for places where you can buy it, and please enjoy this note from the author. Thank you for visiting my blog, Paolina. SHIFTING THE SCRIPT OF INSANITY By Paolina Milana My mom and my younger sister were both diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. From the age of about ten, my life and that of my family revolved around mental illness. In my early twenties, when my father died, I took on the role of primary caregiver. I kept secret from the outside world the fact that insanity had taken root in my family tree, and I was tasked with tending its garden. As strong as I was and as much as I appeared a success from the outside looking in, I struggled to stay sane while surrounded with madness. The story I was living, the beliefs I held, the shame I felt nearly did me in. I had to shift