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Who was Dracula?

  Today I'm delighted to welcome author Melodie Romeo to my blog, featuring her book release, Tribute in Blood, which promises thrills and romance immersed in a historical setting, as Vlad the Impaler returns! A thrilling read for the coming holiday season, I'm told, so I'm looking forward to reading it! Meanwhile, she's here to share some information about the famous Dracula.   So, over to you Melodie, and thank you for visiting here: Thoughts on Vlad Tepes by Melodie Romeo All characters, even villains, are multifaceted individuals with strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, virtues and vices. I found the same to be true of Vlad Tepes, history’s Dracula. Prince Vlad of Walachia (1431-1476) was a capable strategist and military leader who defeated one of the greatest conquerors of his day, a pro-autonomist who desired to raise his principality to full nation status, a shrewd politician who knew how to play one adversary off another… but he was also a sadi

An eternal dance since time immemorial

  I'm delighted to welcome author Ruchi Singh to my blog today, celebrating a bewitching romance enhanced (for me) by the delights of a different culture.    Read an Excerpt from Bewitched The seat had remained vacant, and it reminded her of the premiere night and Samar’s friend… no, Rudra Pratap Maurya.  Well, he was something. Full of confidence and a little too forward, which normally was the result of being born with a silver spoon. Who would know that better than she? But she wasn’t brash, quite the opposite. Would she be meeting him again today? She might. The thought incited a flutter in her heart.  Twice during her performance in the last month, she had experienced the same kind of flutter and was reminded of him. Why? She shouldn’t be thinking about another man. She had no right. A loud noise in the living room brought her out of her troubled thoughts. Mansi was bustling around in the suite and must have dropped something. She would be busy packing their things. They had