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A dark day for dark coffee?

I thought the sun was going to shine today. I saw the flowers in bright colors and wondered if I'd need to water them. Then the skies watered, while smoke covered Paris, and gargoyles looked on; and I cried. Notre Dame is a beautiful cathedral, and its structure still stands, they say. But a church is more than its roofless walls and broken glass. And a building it more than picture postcards with stamps. A magically beautiful place is changed by a horrifying beauty of flames. And a new beauty will arise to fill the old, or so they say. Which has nothing at all to do with writing book reviews though it does make anything so trivial seem even more so, while my fingers ache to click on that internet page with "breaking news" instead of typing words. And the hours go by. Perhaps it's remotely fitting that I'm reviewing books built on magic, telling of worlds where magic's power, like fire's, changes everything. Or perhaps that's a stretch. Still, time

Rung any Bells recently?

My husband plays chess, so my son (aged 7 at the time) told his teacher I could help with chess club. Which I did... for 13 years (hence my book: A Bible Book of Chess! ) Meanwhile my mum plays music, so my friend asked me to join the bell choir at church. Bell choir is fun! And to be honest, I do (or at least used to, sort of) read music. So it should be easy shouldn't it. But ringing bells is a bit like editing, trying to see too many things at once... which bell, which hand, ring it or bang it or shake it or thumb it or... and who's turning the page? Noticing whether the note has a triangle, a twiddle, a dot... and noticing in time to actually do what the symbol says. But we all play together and we all make mistakes and somehow it all comes out as music, and beautiful. So yes, bell-ringing is fun. And so is editing. And so is reading. The reason I'm bell-ringing is 'cause the bell choir will play on Palm Sunday and Easter, and somehow--I'm really not sure how-

How aware are you of autism?

Today I'm delighted to welcome author Sara Fitzgerald to my blog. She was  named Writer of the Year by the League of Utah Writers in 2006, and has written four romance novels and two young adult paranormal novels; plus two Christmas stories, A Miracle for Ann  (click here for my review) and Saving Savanna.  She lives with her husband and daughter in the Rocky Mountains. She enjoys spending time with her family. Sara's website is and you can find all her books, listed below, on Saving Savanna Mine for Keeps Just What the Doctor Ordered Yesterday’s Wish Anything for Charity Darkness Within Magic Within So... welcome Sarah and thank you for visiting my blog. I'd like to start by asking about your latest book, A Miracle for Ann . I've just read and reviewed it, and I'd love to know inspired it... I wrote A Miracle for Ann because of my daughter. Savanna has autism