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Fiction, fact, biography, and semi-autobiography... Meet Lea Rachel

  Today I'm delighted to welcome author Lea Rachel to my blog. You may have seen my review of her book, Seeking Forgiveness, yesterday: . I read that the book is "semi-autobiographical," so I was eager to ask the author some questions, starting with the question about how Lea became the white mother of an adopted African American child.   How difficult is it to become qualified to adopt or foster? I believe that fostering-to-adopt is regulated at the state level, so what is required will differ depending on where you live. But regardless of the state you live in, becoming certified generally takes time and effort. Classes are required, homes have to be certified, background checks done… It took us around two years to become certified, and then another year and a half after that until we had a placement.   Did you always plan to adopt, or did something happen that made you decide to adopt, rather than just fostering?