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A Dilemma for Karma?

~ Book Blitz ~ Karma's Dilemma by Karma Today I'm delighted to be part of a book blitz for Karma's Dilemma, which will be free on Kindle in just a couple of days! I've not read everything in my library yet, but I'm getting there, so I'll be glad to add this to my kindle. About the Book: Karma, a young man, knows very well who his soulmate is. Or so he thinks. But, really, who is the one? The posh Angela who he worships. Or is it Sana, the wild racer, who drives him crazy. Or is it Simi, the sensible psychologist, who puts him back together. Or maybe there is no one for him because Karma’s deeds in his all-consuming quest as he scours the world have broken so many rules that, one day, karma, the immortal and unrelenting collector of soul-debt, comes calling for Karma, the mortal, himself. The novel demonstrates the lengths one is willing to go to, the rules one is willing to break and the soul-debt one is willing to accumulate in the quest for

Have you ever met a 100 year old angel?

Today I'm delighted to welcome author Judy Gaman to my blog, with her new book, Love, Life, and Lucille. Judy Gaman is an award winning author, public speaker, and CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas. She’s spent nearly a decade offering advice on longevity and vitality as a voice of The Staying Young Radio Show , which was nationally syndicated on 58 stations. When not working on the podcast Stay Young America! , she serves as a healthy living expert for Fox News and other media outlets. Judy is a five-time author and has appeared on Fox News Radio, Good Morning Texas and San Diego Living, among numerous other outlets. Judy also tours as a public speaker, and has been entertaining audiences of all sizes for years. She crafts her presentations around engaging and easy-to-understand concepts including longevity, vitality, and healthy living. Her presentations touch on topics like curing workaholism and burnout, while still being a strong leader. And recently, Judy has been...  Un