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Teens, Tweens and Reading In Between

A parent of teenagers told me the other day that boys are different because girls still need you while boys just grow away. I'm not she was right.  My boys are thoroughly grown, and they long since left home. But I'm honored to say they still need me, if only to build furniture, answer doors while they're out at work, pack boxes before the move and unpack them later, and advise on cleaning the loo. I'm not sure they thought they needed me when they were teens though. And it's interesting to read teen and tween fiction, to see how many heroes are orphans or have otherwise mislaid or been mislaid by their families. Perhaps it's like an older version of the "terrible twos," just learning mom's not attached to me and working out how far to stretch that freedom. Maybe teens have just reached that special age when they're learning they might be alone, and they need a story to show them alone is okay. Anyway, I've read some teen and tween fictio

Incantation, paradox, and an interview with a teen

I have a very special guest on my blog today--Ella, daughter of Dolores from Annamaria Bazzi's Incantation Paradox. Teenager Ella has no idea of the strange, mind-body-and-soul changing journey her mother is about to embark on, but I thought it would be interesting to learn a little of how she might feel about it all. If you've not read, or heard about the book, make sure you scroll down this page to find out more. And don't forget the rafflecopter at the end of the post-- 2 Digital Copies of Incantation Paradox are up for grabs. But first, here's Ella: 1.      Hi Ella. Hello Ms. Sheila, thank you for inviting. 2.      Can I ask how old you are, or what grade you're in? I’m seventeen and in ready for twelfth grade. 3.      What's your favorite music/band/...? Do you know what your Mom's favorite is? Your Dad's? That’s a lot of question. I like a few bands, and different types of music. Let me see, there’s Imagine Dragons, an