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Destined to release new books

Of course, I'm not the only person with a new book coming out soon. Click here to find out more about Bethlehem's Baby, and see below for another great book, coming soon from the author of the middle grade novels, The Chosen and Nature's Unbalance, and the autobiographical My Open Heart.  Destiny starts a new YA series for this author and I'm delighted to join other bloggers in revealing its truly gorgeous cover! Enjoy (and see below for a blurb and excerpt too!).

Going Pro, by author Danika Stone

I'm delighted to welcome author Danika Stone to my blog today. I recently read and reviewed her fascinating two-part novel, Intaglio (find my reviews here: Intaglio 1, the Snake and the Coins: Intaglio 2, Dragons all the way down), and I'm very much looking forward to reading CtrlZ soon.

Intaglio includes some of the most authentic descriptions of the artistic muse that I've ever read, but how did this artist/educator become a successfully self-published author? Danika describes her experience in the following five step program, and if you've got that writing bug, you really should read this. So, over to you Danika, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Don't Let the Wind Catch You

It's sunny and it's summer. The wind is quiet. The fall is yet to come. But leaves are slowly beginning to turn and pine trees are dropping needles underfoot. Wind and winter are coming.

It's also the last day in Aaron Paul Lazar's Don't Let the Wind Catch You blog tour--and your last chance to try for free giveaways and ebooks. Just click on the blog tour image above, or scroll to the bottom of the page to find out more...

Don't Let the Wind Catch You is the title of Aaron Paul Lazar's recently released novel, the latest in
his beloved Gus LeGarde series of great mystery adventures. Earlier books are anchored by a pleasing family man--father, grandfather, friend--retired and enjoying the scenery and sometime peace of the Genesee Valley. But Grandfather Gus was once a twelve year old boy, on the cusp of adulthood, and Don't Let the Wind Catch You promises great coming of age mysteries and adventures from an earlier time, plus cross-generational enjoymen…