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Great deal on Divide by Zero

Divide by Zero's got another great review: What do we really know about anyone, the reviewer asks at Click on the link to see if Divide by Zero answered his question.

Plus, there's a brilliant deal being offered on the book, just for Halloween. Stonegarden are selling  the paperback issue at 55% off! So hop on over to and load up your shopping cart--lots of great books at great prices, and Divide by Zero!

Ah, if only I had time to read all these books. But I have been reading and I'm about to post some more book reviews online--just think, I'm finally learning how much an author longs for those words... Books, reviews and coffee, what more could I want?

I reviewed Kingdom by Anderson O'Donnell last week on my blog and I'm posting reviews elsewhere today. A post-apocalyptic biopunk novel where the world whimpers instead of ending in a bang, it's fascinating, filled with thought-provoking s…

Writing where you Work, and other forms of Research

I'm delighted to welcome Dean Mayes to my blog today. Author of Hambledown Dream, he's just released a new novel, Gifts of the Peramangk.

I read and reviewed Hambledown Dream a while ago, an intriguing romance with hints of reincarnation and redemption, set in the US and Australia. Gifts is set in Australia too and centers on the music of violins rather than Hambledown Dream's guitars, but it promises the same deep questions of identity and separated cultures that made Dream such a good book. I'll look forward to reading Gifts of the Peramangk one day. Meanwhile, here's the author's fascinating post on the problems of researching for your novel.

So, Dean, what research did you need to do before writing Gifts?

Divide by Zero's free today and tomorrow on Amazon Kindle: Just go to and download it to your kindle, free!
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Kingdom book tour. Biopunk defined.

I'm delighted to be part of First Rule Publicity's Kingdom Virtual Book Tour today. I've even just finished reading the book, described in the author blurb as a biopunk, dystopian noir-esque thriller... an intriguing concept... Whatever else it is, Kingdom's a genuinely thought-provoking science fiction novel, very dark, hard-hitting, and threaded with mystery and possibility. Here's my review: