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Another Contest: NaPiBoWriWee

Not that I was running out of things to do, but poetry writing month is drawing to a close, and having to write something every day is kind of fun... So, for anyone who's interested, here's a link to the National Picture Book Writing Week and a challenge to write a picture book a day from May 1st through 7th. There'll be daily blogs and tips on writing picture books, so I'm planning to visit daily and see what I can do. Hope to meet you there.

Dribbles, drabbles and hints

There’s a contest this month: Write a story in 25 words or less The inspiration is that well-known Hemingway tale: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” And I thoughts drabbles were hard. Just for reference, drabbles are 100 words, dribbles are 50, and hints are 25 words or less. (50 words)

The Honest Scrap Award

1. I’m an English American. 2. I’m a mathematician who can’t add up. 3. I’m a writer who can’t spell. 4. I’m a Catholic Protestant. 5. I’m scared of fire. 6. I’m scared of moths. 7. I love dogs. 8. I love my family. 9. I used to get paid to break things, and 10. I’d like to get paid for writing. The Honest Scrap Award is meant to go to someone whose blog content or design is “brilliant,” so I’m not sure how I won it, but thank you S.W.Vaughn of Murder by 4 for the encouragement and undeserved honor. The rules are, 1. You write an article accepting the award with a link back to the giver (see above), a list of the rules (see here), and a copy of the award image (see above). 2. You add links to at least five other blogs that you consider “brilliant,” (see below) and add comments on said blogs, warning the owners that you’re sending innocent victims their way, and asking them to accept the award. And 3. You list ten honest things about yourself (also above). Pat Bertram certainly deserv

Writing a poem a day in April

Writers' Digest is posting a poetry prompt on each day in April. I guess it's sort of a competition, but with around a thousand entries a day I don't suppose I'll win anything. Still, it's a fun challenge, and there's lots of good poems to read. Hope to see you there. Meanwhile, there's so many great Amazon Breakthrough Novel entries to download - . Do give Divide by Zero a look if you get time. Thanks.