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When Nowhere Isn't Nowhere...

  Today I'm meeting  Melkart Rouhana   o n my blog, introducing his book  Greatness is NowHere Self improvement from the prince of positivity; consultant to the likes of Ritz-Carlton. Greatness is NOWHERE shares a roadmap that will guide you to find greatness and lead your people to ultimately unleash their potential and, in the process, impact the future of our world. Not just for business leaders; applicable to those who lead families, sports teams, volunteering and other groups.  I suspect my dreams of greatness may be long gone, but I'm fascinated by Melkart's background and I'm sure you will be too. So... my first question for you, Melkart, is where did you grow up, and where do you live now? Melkart: I grew up in a beautiful Lebanese village, Beit-Mery, in Mount Lebanon overlooking Beirut floating under us like a splendid river. Beit-Mery, deriving from Aramaic, means “The House of The Lord”. In this village, I learned to dream big, amongst the ruins of the old P