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King Arthur's wounded children

Today I'm welcoming author Michael J. Bowler to my blog. He shares my fascination with Britain's King Arthur, and his novel, Children of the Knight, offers an interesting version of Arthur's long-promised return, set among the street children of the City of Angels. You can find my review of Children of the Night here . But King Arthur's children are not just knights in this series; they're the rejects of society, the bullied, the wounded, the kids who don't fit in. And here, author Michael J. Bowler offers his take on why so many children in American society suffer this way, and what we can do about it. One Size Does NOT Fit All, (Or Why Bullying Has Become Institutionalized in America) America doesn’t just permit bullying - America encourages bullying. There, I said it. A sad, but very real truth that mars an otherwise in-so-many-ways great country. Every day we hear more and more horrific tales about kids bullied ceaselessly in school or on

Cries of magic, romance and more

The best thing about getting behind with book reviews is having such a good excuse to spend lots of time reading. The worst thing is then you have to spend lots of time posting reviews in "all the usual places." I need an auto-review-poster. Anyway, here are reviews of some books with magic and romance to inspire you when you break for coffee. Enjoy! You'll need a bold dark intense 5-star coffee for this first book. Blood of the Immortals: The Reaving Blade by Brian Ramsey continues a story begun in The Blood Crystals. Bringing together, elders, angels, werewolves, CIA agents, politicians and more, the story ranges from the US to Europe and beyond. A "dark psionic vampire" is at large, and the future is at stake. Darker, faster-flowing, thoroughly thrilling, modern and exciting, Virtual Blue by R. J. Sullivan ties the magical realms to heaven-and-hell, reality, and virtual worlds. But the characters are very believable in the real world, from blue-haired p

Artistic transport and 147 shell casings!

Peter Welmerink Featured Book Release: Transport June 23 to June 29 , 2014   I'm delighted to welcome author Peter Welmerink to my blog today, and to transport you with the art of his exciting sci-fi novel, Transport . If you've ever wondered what goes into those images on those great science fiction covers, or between the covers in case of great artistic publishers like Seventh Star Press, here's where you'll find all about it. Welcome to my blog Peter, and thank you so much for letting us enjoy the art and the journey! Hello all, and thanks for having me here, Sheila. I was asked to talk about the stunning artwork of TRANSPORT. What’s within those hallowed frames of artwork? What and how was the process of working with two very talented artists? When everything was drawn and done, what was my reaction to how it all came out? First, I have to bring to light the two gents that went above and beyond (besides Stephen Zimmer at Seventh Star Press) whe