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I love the touch of paper in the morning

I never really liked newspapers. In the old days I didn't like the way the print came off on my fingers (and on the sandwich if I were foolish enough to read while eating). But even when the inks improved, I still didn't like the feel of endless sheets all crackling and strange as they entangled me. Then they shrank the pages but everything still felt too big, too scattered, too eager to distract me, especially with color, and get away. So I'd rather read books. Then papers became electronic. My husband and I started lazing in bed every morning, sharing a tablet's glowing page. Which is okay. But I'd still rather read books. While I never liked the touch of newsprint in the morning, I love the touch of real, clean, neatly printed paper, the crispness of pages, their solid feel, the way I can rest the book on my leg and know the page won't turn while I'm checking the clock, while I'm suddenly realizing, HELP! Perhaps it's time to get breakfast in th

Why Jackie Gamber loves Dragons

Today I'm delighted to welcome author Jackie Gamber to my blog. You may have read my reviews of her first two Leland Dragons books, Redheart and Sela . Soon I'll be able to enjoy the third book in the trilogy, Reclamation. But first, you get to enjoy learning why the author loves dragons so much. Welcome to my blog, Jackie Gamber. Top Ten Reasons Jackie Gamber Loves Dragons   As the author of the Leland Dragon series, I’ve had ample opportunity to research, interview, and interact with dragons. I’ve even served on HADS: Humans Against Dragon Stereotypes, established by FODERP: Friends of Dragon Equality and Rights Preservation. I can, with authority, say, however, that there isn’t enough time in the world to really, truly understand these mysterious, elusive creatures. As natural introverts, they evade attention, and the effect that media has had on their reputation as virgin-eaters and hoarders hasn’t endeared us to them, by any means. So I’m happy to b

Entertaining the characters from Entertaining angels

Today I'm delighted to welcome author Emerald Barnes to my blog as she celebrates the recent release of her novel, Entertaining Angels. She's brought another guest with her, so grab a coffee, and enjoy the conversation. Hi Emerald. Hi Sheila. Characters are so important to my novel, Entertaining Angels, and I want to have a sit down with Zach Taylor. He’s new to town, but he has his eyes set on my little Mads. And, her life will change forever! First of all, thank you for hosting our little conversation, Sheila! Zach: Yes, thank you so much, Mrs. Deeth. Zach is dressed in jeans and a nice white, button down shirt. His hair is spiked just a little, and he’s smiling at me from his seat. Emerald: Hey, Zach. How are you today? Zach: I’m fine. And you? Emerald: I’m good. How about we get started? He nods his head. Emerald: He’s a little quiet, so you’ll have to excuse him if he doesn’t answer my questions to the best of his ability. Zach: I’m not exactly quiet.