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Are you successful? Are you balanced?

Today I'm delighted to welcome Apryl Zarate Schleuter, author of Finding Success In Balance to my blog. Finding Success in Balance: My Journey to The Cheerful Mind  follows the quest of the career-driven individual trying to find a healthy balance between work and everything else outside of it (family, health, relationships, fun, etc.). Interweaving personal stories of the lessons she learned on her own journey, Schleuter shares strategies to help readers identify what work-life balance truly means including: ·        Find time for the things you love without sacrifice ·        Accomplish goals that are aligned with your priorities ·        Love your career and grow strong, healthy relationships ·        Manage stress and avoid burnout It¹s time to stop letting society dictate what ³success² means and start living the awesome life you have always wanted. Your journey starts here. Click here to find my review of Finding Success In Balance and read on to learn w

Do you prefer books with one protagonist or many?

Some novels are told from a single point of view. Others invite you into lots of different minds and ways of seeing. Some offer a single main protagonist, but open your eyes to things they've failed to see. And still others let the reader float free over a sea of strangers. So... do you prefer books with one protagonist or with many? Or does it depend on the story, or the author, the writing style, the promise fulfilled by story's end? For myself, I've experimented with multiple points of view (in Divide by Zero ), single point of view ( Infinite Sum ), and a single protagonist who doesn't quite see it all (in Subtraction, coming August 1st from Indigo Sea Press ). I read and enjoy books written in many different styles, and I can honestly say I enjoyed all the novels included in today's reviews. So, choose your novel and choose your brew. Please remember the ratings are for the coffee, not for the book (which by no means suggests the coffee's more important