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Who built the dollhouse?

Today I'm delighted to welcome Jordan Elizabeth to my blog. She's the author of Clockwork Dollhouse (see my review here) , and, since she and I both enjoy fantasy novels, I thought I'd offer her a warm drink on this cold morning and find out what else we might have in common. Please pour yourself a drink and join us: First of all, who is in the picture? The man in it is Aaron, the illustrator for FANYA IN THE UNDERWORLD And the woman is presumably you. What sort of book do you most like to read, Jordan?  I love fantasy books. I just get sucked right into the new worlds.  I also enjoy historical fiction and anything young adult. What sort do you most like to write, and if the two answers are different, why might that be? I've tried to write something that wasn't fantasy, and magic worked its way in anyway. I'm still trying to branch out and try different things. I know what you mean. Sometimes stories demand to exist just the way they choose, w

What happened in Alexandria 272 AD?

Today I'm delighted to welcome Richard Hacker--author of the fantasy historical novel, Die Back--to my blog. He's going to take us Behind the Curtain... to Alexandria 272 AD , and I'm eager to see what we'll find... But first, let me introduce him: Richard Hacker is a longtime resident of Austin, Texas who now writes and lives in Seattle. ( Hurray for the Pacific Northwest! ) His writing has been recognized by the Writer’s League of Texas and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. In addition to his writing, he provides editing services to other writers and is the editor of an online science fiction and fantasy journal, Del Sol Review. His three published humorous crime novels ride the sometimes thin line between fact and fiction in Texas.  DIE BACK , his first fantasy thriller novel, has been published by Del Sol Press. When not writing he’s singing in a vocal jazz ensemble, cooking with a sous vide and a blow torch, or exploring the Pacific Northwest