BLOG TOUR: Where it all began

Yes, really. This is where it all began, with a cup of tea and a wonderful author treating me as if my writing really mattered... Visit Jane Kirpatrick's very appropriately named Words of Encouragement blog at to find out more.

I love Jane Kirkpatrick's books (see my review of The Daughter's Walk). I love Jane's talks (see my report on her visit to Willamette Writers). I love the way she lifts people up--historical people whose stories she tells, and contemporary people who she leads so gently into stories. I love how her novels take well-researched history and bring it to meaningful life, with women empowered and genuine lessons learned. And I love my favorite quote from her talk--History tells us what happened and when, but stories tell us why.

At the end of the Willamette Writers talk, back in 2008, Jane Kirkpatrick encouraged aspiring authors in her audience to think of a clock face. Twelve o'clock represents really smart; three is kind of smart; six, not so smart; and nine is really rather stupid. Then ask yourself, what's 11:59, and can anyone tell the difference between that and 12? Keep writing, she said, so I did.

Thank you Jane. And yes, this is where it all began, with words of encouragement and a cup of tea.


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