BLOG TOUR: and another Flower Child review!

Thank you so much to Fran Lewis for posting reviews of Flower Child around the internet today. The Flower Child Blog Tour is visiting Facebook today, where Fran has given Flower Child five special angels! I hope you'll go over there and see.

(If you can't get to facebook, trye to read the review on Amazon.)

Fran Lewis is a prolific book reviewer at Hot Drink, Fireplace, Reviews that Sizzle ( She's also the author of, amongst others, the Bertha books--My name is Bertha, and Bertha Speaks Out--hopeful stories for all children living with differences that so easily make them victims; and of Memories are Precious, and Because we Care, based on her experiences as caregiver to someone with Alzheimers. Plus she's a wonderful supporter of her fellow authors.

Thank you Fran for reading and reviewing Flower Child.

Fran Lewis:


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