BLOG TOUR: Pat Bertram interviews the author of Flower Child

Pat Bertram's interviewing me today on and asks some really interesting questions. If you've not been following Pat's author interviews, you really ought to look at some previous posts (after reading my answers of course, and leaving lots of questions and comments for me). Or you can click on her Index of Interviews at to find a list.

And tomorrow, Pat's interviewing Megan, the main character of Flower Child!

All that, plus excerpts from Flower Child on Dragon my Feet (I love the name of that blog). What more could you, or I, want.

Pat Bertram is the author of Light Bringer, Daughter Am I, More Deaths Than One, and A Spark of Heavenly Fire, all available from Second Wind Publishing all thoroughly enjoyable, character-driven, genre-bending tales, with up-to-date scientific and historical research, complex scenarios, and hints of next year’s secrets and the next decade’s headlines driving good old-fashioned real-world story-telling.

In my favorite, Daughter am I, assorted old folk gather round a daughter who's seeking to unravel to mystery of her grandparents' demise. Read my review here and whatever you do, Don’t miss this book; don’t avoid it just because you can’t guess the genre. It’s whatever you’re looking for, and truly, while some of the characters may have been con-artists, that’s not a con.

I'll look forward to seeing you on Pat's site today and tomorrow, and don't forget to add your own questions in the comments. Thank you Pat for hosting me, and for all you do for authors around the internet.



Anonymous said…
Thank you, Sheila. It was a joy to interview you.

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