Sold two, read three

I spent yesterday at a Christmas Bazaar trying to sell books. Lots of people came and talked to me, and I practiced my rather feeble selling skills.

"Oh no, I don't have any young children..."
"Well, these ones are for families. Would you like to look?"

"I should have made a list. I don't know who to buy for."
"D'you know anyone who likes reading perhaps?"

"Are your books Christian?"
"Yes they are. Are you interested in that?"

"My church might like them I guess."
"Could you give them a brochure for me please?"

9am till 4pm and I only sold two books, though I gave away lots of brochures and business cards. And in the times when no one was looking I finished reading three titles from my review list. I even wrote the reviews on the computer when I got home, so not a dead loss.

The next sale takes place a week on Tuesday and I'll hope for better luck then. Since it includes an "open mic" I'll ask everyone I meet if they can advise me what to say.

Can you advise me? Please?


Amy DeTrempe said…
Sorry about the low sales. I have no advice however. I am still trying to figure out how to sell my books.
Linda Kage said…
Hey, two books are more than none, and more then some of us writers our there have ever sold. Plus, you planted lots of seeds yesterday, handing your brochures and cards. And we all know some seeds grow into the most beautiful, hearty trees. Great Start!!
Bearman said…
The good news is you read 3 books. You probably would have read those at home not selling books and not making contacts
Bill Kirton said…
It's a familiar story, Sheila. People flock to buy books from famous authors but in order to get famous you have to sell books to flocks of people. If I knew the answer I'd share it with you.
Dee Yoder said…
Hey, if I'd been there, I would have bought at least one--they look delightful!

I want to thank you for stopping by my blog today. I appreicate you leaving a comment about my Friday Fiction story--"Phyllis's Seeds." Thank you! Your blog is so colorful an fun. (:

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