Kreativ Blogger Award

I blog, and I can't spell. Maybe that's why Cathy Bryant at WordVessel just awarded me my second Kreativ Blogger Award. It means I have to post a picture of the award, list 7 favorite things, and pass the award on to 7 favorite blogs. So here's some random favorite things, in a totally random order…

1. Sunshine after rain (but not if I’m driving in it)
2. Dogs chasing spherical objects on the green
3. Squirrels chasing each other round a tree trunk
4. Sons coming home for holidays
5. Mum coming to stay for Christmas (She arrives 2 weeks today!!!)
6. That feeling when a story comes out of my head and lands safely in the computer.
7. The moment when someone says “Yes, I’ll buy your book” (better still, buy two).

And seven favorite blogs…

The Blood Red Pencil – great advice for aspiring writers.
Terry’s Place – more great advice for writers; fun reading too.
Second Wind Publishing – they publish great books and their authors write a good blog. Plus they've got a fantastic competition going on.
Living, Writing and Other Stuff – I’ve only just started following this one, but I love the articles, and the title says it all.
Blest Atheist – another one I’ve only just started following. Great Bible study and you really shouldn't miss the conversion story.
Breakthrough Blogs – because his articles are always so fascinating – scientific and mystical and fun.
Tilly the Rescue Dog’s Blog – well, I said I like dogs…

Okay, that’s seven. I have lots more favorites, but they can wait till next time.


Stephanie Faris said…
Congrats on your award. I'll check out your favorites!
Laura Eno said…
Congrats on your award!
Linda Kage said…
Yay, congratulations on your award. You desrve it. And you remind me of me... most of your favorite things revolve around family.
Helen Ginger said…
#4 is my favorite, except for me it would be "kids" and anytime!

Congrats on the award!

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