Snowflakes in the sun

No. It's not snowing. But I've finally caught up on the long weekend so I'm settling down to play with my new writers' software, Snowflake Pro. I'm analyzing my first Hemlock novel, finished this time last year, and planning to move on to the second one afterward. I'll be trying to import and export characters and locations between the stories. And since both novels include multiple points of view I'll be fascinated to see how the software lets me highlight them. Hopefully that will help me spot and fix any problems. Meanwhile I'm really looking forward to working with scenes and seeing how well they all fit together, hard to tell when I'm just reading what I've written. And then who knows, if I get really hooked I might even start writing book 3 with Snowflake Pro as my guide. Book 4 perhaps??? This should be fun--should also be close to miraculous if it gets me organized.


Helen Ginger said…
I'm interested in hearing your assessment. Never heard anything on Snowflake.

Straight From Hel
Linda Kage said…
I've never heard about Snowflake either. What exactly does it do?
Stephanie Faris said…
I've never heard of it. Can't wait to hear how it works!

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