Brands, Labels and Catchphrases 3

It doesn't look like my efforts have improved the queries reaching my site, but I have to admit, coming up with a catchphrase feels nice. (And I do thank you for your encouragement.) Now I can label my advertising materials more appropriately, and the timing's great since I have my first Christmas Bazaar coming up next weekend. I've even updated my Lulu storefront to match - - and I like the new version much better. My next job will be to make sure all the colors of the headers are the same, and then to update my blogs so their colors match too. Soon, I hope...

Meanwhile it's November and I still haven't written my first poem-a-day for the Poetic Asides challenge. But I have posted two Mayflower drabbles on my drabble blog.

Time to wax lyrical I think... Poetic Asides to the rescue...


I just read a post somewhere (I forget the URL) about the dangers of losing oneself while creating weblogs, Facebook and MySpace profiles, tweets and all the rest of it. One can, the writer said, get so tangled up in fads, games, chat and the latest applications, that s/he forgets the purpose behind his or her social networking.

Those brands, labels and catchphrases may not always ring a bell on the search engine, but they do remind us who we are and what we're going online.

Sheila Deeth said…
That's wise advice Sun Singer, and a timely reminder. Thank you.
Hywela Lyn said…
Hi Sheila

Just popping in to say thanks as always, for your comments on my blog. Hope November will even out for you. Life gets hectic sometimes, doesn't it.

And I agree with Sun Singer. I tend to spend a lot of time setting up accounts like My Space, etc., but I avoid getting caught up in the games and applications, although it does make me feel like I'm not 'playing the game' - but there are only so many hours in a day!
maryrussel said…
I've stumbled Upon, Twittered, and Facebooked your Lulu page. Looks great.

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