Duct Tape, Materialism, Social Status, and Adelita's Secret

Today I'm delighted to welcome author Christopher Cloud to my blog. I reviewed his middle-grade novel, A Boy Called Duct Tape, a little while ago, and really enjoyed it. But Christopher Cloud doesn't just write for middle-grade boys, and today he's here to introduce the main character, Adelita, from his YA fantasy romance, Adelita's Secret.

About Adelita’s Secret  
Lost in a superficial world of materialism and social status—and ashamed of her Latino heritage—seventeen-year-old Adelita NoĆ© is loved by two men, two men separated by a hundred years and vastly different stations in life. One man owns little more than the shirt on his back. The other, a poet at heart, is heir to a vast fortune. Their love for Adelita serves as the backdrop for the Latino girl’s quest to better understand herself and her Mexican roots.

Adelita’s Secret, a young adult fantasy romance is available at 

Are you intrigued? I know I am, so here are some details, straight from the author's pen, to help you...

Get to Know the Main Character Adelita in Adelita’s Secret 
from author, Christopher Cloud

Adelita is a free-thinker, a 17 year-old teenage Latino girl who has lost her moral compass

Adelita’s  SAT and ACT scores were off the chart and she faces challenges head on

Adelita loves and respects both her mother and father but is ashamed of her Mexican heritage

Adelita is an accomplished photographer and not very athletic, but quite by accident, she finds a diary written by her great grandmother.

Adelita is not athletic but in finding her great-grandmother’s diary Adelita steps through a portal to travel back in time and finds herself immersed in the Mexican War of 1910, a war pitting Mexican farmers against the corrupt land barons.

Adelita joins a band of warrior women who help the soldiers and protect mothers and children from the ravages of war.

Adelita is your average shy teenager who must deal with regular high school friends and first loves; a young poet at heart, is heir to a vast fortune, but just because you’re rich doesn’t mean life goes smoothly. And the young poet must face his most difficult trials.

Adelita meets and falls in love with a Mexican soldier, Diego Santiago, a man who owns little more than the shirt on his back. Her love for Diego brings her closer to her Mexican roots.

Find out more about Adelita in the sample chapters on Amazon

 Thank you Christopher. Adelita really does sound like a fascinating character, and she comes to life really quickly in those sample chapters (Readers, follow the link then you'll see what I mean!). I wish you every success with the release, and thank you for visiting my blog.

About Christopher Cloud 

Christopher  Cloud began writing fiction full time after a long career in journalism and public relations. Voices of the Locusts is his fourth novel. A multi-genre author, Chris Cloud’s choice of novels to write is determined not by genre, but by the weight of the story. Cloud graduated from the University of Missouri in 1967 with a degree in journalism. He has worked as a reporter, editor, and columnist at newspapers in Texas, California, and Missouri. He was employed by a Fortune 100 company as a public relations executive, and later operated his own public relations agency. Cloud attended high school in Japan, and much of his Voices of the Locusts is based on personal experience. Cloud lives in Joplin, Missouri.

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