It's been a long week - time for a short read perhaps?

It's been a really long week. Now, not only am I losing one publisher to illness, but I may well lose another to market forces. I feel somewhat "Earnest" with lines like "to lose one [publisher] might be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness" echoing in my brain. But am I really careless or just careworn?

Either way, reading children's picture books is a great prescription. Even without kids to share them with, picture books still lift the spirits, inspire a smile, and remind me there are more important things in life than being a published author. Being a reader for example -- what could be better? So let's use books and teach our kids to read. Then maybe they'll read my books as well.

Let's also drink coffee of course. Please find an appropriate brew and choose your story:

First is Cedric the Shark gets Toothache by Kay Carter, a smoothly rhyming tale with clear cartoon pictures of a shark who eats too much candy. The images convey emotions quite delightfully and the lesson is fun and wise. Enjoy with some smooth three-star coffee.

Moving from teeth to nails, my next book is the whimsical Nils Cuts His Nails by Nurit Zvolon, where a child who's afraid of scissors just might learn to enjoy nailcutting time. Each finger becomes a character, with nails like hair that needs styling. Intriguing and fun, enjoy it with some one-star mild crisp coffee.

Rattles the Barn Cat Misfit by Arlene White is filled with pen-and-crayon style images, offering a nice blend of light and shade. Images of frightened cats showing their teeth will give children an easy way of learning not to approach unknown animals, and the message of difference and acceptance is nicely told. Enjoy with some lively, easy-drinking two-star coffee.

Gita V. Reddy's Which is P and which is Q was bound to appeal to me as I took forever to learn to read and spell. Those ps, qs, ds and bs had me thoroughly foxed as a child, and this story of their demise is really quite fun, despite a bit of font-mixing in the text. Enjoy with some light crisp one-star coffee.

Isosceles’ Day by Kevin J. Meehan is another picture book that was bound to catch my attention, with its gorgeously soulful image of a dog on the cover. There's also a rather whimsical top-hatted creature holding a wand (!), so what's inside? Enjoy a gorgeously illustrated tale, with an intriguing story behind the story, while imbibing some mild, crisp one-star coffee, and must love dogs!

Baby from the Moon by Mrs. D. offers a nice halfway house between babies brought by storks and babies growing in mummies' tummies. Nice character, whimsical dreams (lots of whimsy in these books - it must be good for me!), bright colors, clear text - one to enjoy with some lively two-star coffee.

Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship by John Arthur Nichol is a picture book for slightly older readers, blending picture-book rhymes with graphic novel images. An amusing cast of teachers and students are impacted when someone pushes the button that shouldn't be pushed, and it's all fast-moving, lively fun, to be enjoyed with some lively two-star coffee.

Peaceful Night Poetry by Piaras O Cionnaoith should be fun for many ages, with sleepy animals illustrating the road to peaceful sleep. The poems are nicely organized with pleasant whimsy and magical touches throughout. There are even ten tips for a good night's sleep at the end! But you should still drink coffee, a well-balanced three-star brew perhaps.

Which is maybe a good time to stop - time to sleep even. Next will be a set of children's books without quite so many illustrations, 'cause kids' books are always fun, and next week threatens to be super-busy too.


Jean Harkin said…
I hope your publishing woes are resolved very soon.

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