A few short reads

I want to write but I keep getting distracted by all these good books I'm reading. But today I've restricted myself to editing something short (and submitting it to an anthology--please wish me luck) and reviewing some short reads, so grab some slightly smaller cups of coffee and enjoy.

Since I love writing Bible stories, I'll start with a really intriguing take on a familiar story, A Favorite Son, by Uvi Poznansky. Told in a delightfully convincing voice, the familiar characters of Jacob and his family are brought to unfamiliar life, giving them an intriguing immediacy and relevance. I really enjoyed this book and recommend a 4-star elegant complex cup of coffee to go with your read.

Next come two short stories from Dianne Lynn Gardner's A tale of four wizards. Kaempie and Reuben continue where the earlier stories left off, but each tale stands alone. Together they weave an intriguing mythology of wizards, dragons and magic in the world of Ian's Realm. Best enjoyed with some 2-star lively easy-drinking coffee.

For adult lovers of fantasy, Beginning of the Trail, by Steven Shrewsbury, forms a great standalone short story and an excellent prequel to the author's novel Overkill. Two killing blows on one victim counts as overkill, but in the heat of battle, with the queen in trouble, betrayers all around, deceptive priests hiding weapons, and a fleeing girl, what's a warrior to do? Enjoy this one with a 5-star dark intense brew.

If you're looking for a short romantic read for Valentine's Day, His Wounded Heart tells how a bitter young man recovering from an accident falls for a determined young woman who almost has everything going for her. The fact that she's Christian and he's not causes a few bumps in the road, and just as his life begins to recover hers falls apart. The relationships are nicely drawn, side characters play an important part, and the Montana scenery is great! Enjoy this one with another 2-star easy-drinking cup and look for my review in Nights and Weekends some day soon.

Finally, here's a book of poetry, guaranteed not to be overly romantic. A. F. Stewart's Reflections of Poetry reflects some fascinating images, from humor to horror, moon to Mars, Scotland to the Emerald Isle and more. There are beautifully structured poems with ethereal charm, sharp story-poems, intriguing snippets and musical melodies, something for everyone. Enjoy this well-balanced collection with a 3-star well-balanced cup of coffee.


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