More book reviews as the emails stay unread

I've not decided yet, does reading books take longer than reading emails? Somehow when the email list gets up to three figures, the seventeen overdue book reviews begin to look like a more manageable task. Ah well--good job I'm a fast reader. And reading offers a pleasant reprieve from housework, shopping, yardwork and everyday life.

Here are a few more books I've read recently, starting with An Unattended Death by Victoria Jenkins, a beautifully evocative mystery set in the Puget Sound where the clues to death are as hidden as the clues to relationships. Enjoy this intriguing drama with a 4-star elegant complex coffee.

Another mystery-themed book from the Permanent Press is Looking For Przybylski by K. C. Frederick. In this story, as in life, the journey counts more than the destination. A wonderfully evocative road trip across America introduces the reader to a host of characters and thoughts, revealing interesting insights on humanity and hope. Enjoy this richly elegant tale with another 4-star coffee.

The Tangled Web by J. P. Lane is a more conventional mystery, weaving drugs, politics violence and romance into a very tangled globe-spanning web. Enjoy with a blend of mild crisp 1-star coffee and the some 5-star bold dark undertones.

Then, for fans of tangled tales, there's  Tim Kizer's Days of Vengeance which offers even more entanglements as an amnesiac finds himself accused of a murder he doesn't remember. The amnesiac's sense of abandonment is very convincing portrayed as the dialog runs in his head. And the paranormal twists are quite intriguing if somewhat gruesome. Enjoy with a 5-star intense cup of coffee.


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