Reading over Christmas

Somehow setting my kindle down among the Christmas cooking just didn't feel safe. Leaving it lying around while unwrapping presents seemed a little risky too. And remembering to charge it in the midst of all those Christmas activities? Instead I've been reading real physical books, one in the kitchen, one in the living-room, and one downstairs by the TV (while the guys watched soccer). And now I've got three new reviews to post. Enjoy some fine Christmas coffee with these books--gingerbread spiced, delicious (so now you know what I've been drinking over Christmas too).

First is an excellent mystery with great characters and fascinating relationships, as well as an absorbing puzzle, set in a very real world. Jaden Terrell's Racing the Devil starts with a divorced man helping a battered woman in a bar, then quickly swings to said man accused of murder. But Jared McKean is a former detective, and he finds himself surrounded by more friends than he'd imagined possible as he tries to solve his case. His world of damaged relationships and salvageable friendships is truly absorbing and I'm eagerly awaiting more books in this series. A perfect combination of noir and human hope, this one's best enjoyed with a 4-star elegant coffee.

Next comes Jim Butcher's Ghost Story. My husband finished reading it just before Christmas, which meant it was my turn. And yes, we did at last succumb to the temptation to buy a Harry Dresden novel before it came out in paperback. If you're hooked on the series, this one's a must-read. If not, I'd probably suggest you try a different one first. Not the best, but definitely a fine addition to the set. I just wish I could believe the next one would come soon. Drink a 4-star complex coffee with this complicated tale.

And finally, a young adult fantasy, Silverdream and Bloodfire by Brenda Wynn. The author's created a fascinating protagonist in this first episode of her Chronicles of Elydir. Wheel-chair-bound college student Amanda Jennings isn't defined by her disability, but definitely knows how to live with it. Boyfriend and ex-boyfriend snipe at each other while she tries to find a book of magic spells. Then, suddenly, she's plunged into a different world where she can walk. Meanwhile Prince Kelvan lands in Amanda's wheelchair and loses the power to walk. Amanda learns the power of magic. Others learn the power of friendship. And readers learn an intricate well-imagined background to a complex world, while drinking a well-balanced 3-star cup of coffee.

Happy Boxing Day!
Happy reading!


Nikki (Sarah) said…
Racing the devil sounds the most interesting to me but all good reviews. Hope you're having a great Christmas week. Thanks for the heads up on these books.

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