Christmas is coming....

This is just a quick post to welcome my Mum. She arrived in the States yesterday and her arrival always heralds Christmas. So... Christmas is coming. And welcome back, Mum!


maryrussel said…
Hi and Merry Christmas to you, Sheila and your lovely mother.
Bearman said…
Merry Christmas MUM! Oh and you too Sheila. haha
CA Heaven said…
Yes, ufortunately. I appreciate a mid-winter break, but got fed up with Christmas long time ago. It's too commercialized. I'm longing for peaceful and quiet January >:)

Cold As Heaven
Give your mother an extra kiss on her cheek for me...My Mom died a number of years ago and holidays haven't been the same since...Enjoy! Relax and don't worry about anything but spending time with her!

Laura Eno said…
Ahhh! Have a grand time together!

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