Heard at the Christmas Bazaar

"This lady's selling jewelry. This one's selling scarves. And this one's selling cards and paper things," (otherwise known as books).

"Why do they call it a bazaar. Doesn't that mean something weird?"

"Let's have some real Christmas music--Grandma got run over by a reindeer and all that."

"My children don't read."

"Don't eat the beads."

"I didn't bring money of course."

Many thanks to all the friends and strangers who stopped by my stall and encouraged me, especially to those who encouraged my family too by buying books :) It's been a fun two days.


CA Heaven said…
Funny. Seams like you had a good time >:)

Cold As Heaven
Stephanie Faris said…
Things like that are SO much fun!
maryrussel said…
Congratulations on the sales! So glad you enjoyed yourself.

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