Black Widow now on sale!

I just checked on Gypsy Shadow and my new ebook, Black Widow, is on sale. December 1st seems like perfect timing for Christmas! So if you're looking for a historical read, set in England, with mystical overtones, why not head over there? There's even a sample excerpt so you can see what the story's like.
 Black Widow: When Boudicca's sister meets the mysterious wizard, it seems like all will go well for the little British kingdom. But Roman peace demands a high price, and the people are starting to follow a foreign priest.
Refracted: The story of a young man lost in the fields of time, trying to remember what he thought he was looking for.


Laura Eno said…
Congrats! I need to catch up on my reading!
Look at those covers! :-D
Good cover art on Black Widow. Creepy. I like it.

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