Some scary books for a windy night

Continuing to list those books I've been reading recently, here's some scary ones for when that rain turns to howling winds tonight... As usual, if you click on the links you'll find my reviews on gather.

Friday the Thirteenth, by M. Flagg:  Humanity's more dangerous than the jungle, so she chose Manhatten; a fun little scary romance.

The Poison of a Smile, Salazar book 1, by Steven Jensen: Beautiful evocative language. Lovely old-fashioned feel of Bohemian decadence. Gruesome, haunting, sad...

The Eyes Have it, by Denise Bartlett: An intriguing lunch-time read with a green-eyed sting in its tail.

Vow of Superstition: Dragon's Blood, by Skhye Moncrief: A fascinating world, with dragons, and a drink of dragon's blood to seal a young woman's fate.

Witches, Werewolves and Jack the Ripper, by G.M. Jackson: a cool scary story that looks at the Jack the Ripper story from some very interesting points of view.

Wonder, an erotic anthology edited by Selena Kitt: There's some disturbingly scary stories here, and some beautiful ones too, with a lot of physical intimacy: definitely not cozy.


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