The Official Indie Book Reviewer List

I just got an email about "The Official Indie Book Reviewer List," a sort of Yellow Pages of book reviewers who are interested in small-press and self-published books, and review them free! It sounds a wonderful resource. Christy Pinheiro is offering it as a pdf file for just 99 cents, and I'm thinking I really ought to buy it. But while I'm thinking about it, here's a link so you can think about it too.

Free book reviews is free publicity, right? And free publicity might translate into sales. So, many thanks Christy for the hours you must have put into compiling this. I hope you sell lots and lots and decide to bring out a POD paper version next year. (I know. I'm boring. I do like paper books.)

Contact information, submission guidelines, likes, dislikes, pet peeves... what more could we indie writers want?


Judith Mercado said…
Thanks for passing on this information.
I believe Christy's got me on that list. At any rate, it's a valuable resource; I know many bloggers who, over the years, have tried to compile such a creature as this. It's much needed.

Now if I could only get those bloggers to join me over at Win a Book, so they could post their interviews and giveaways and REALLY get us non-best-selling writers more notice!
Laura Eno said…
Wonderful site! Thanks for the information.
Hi Sheila; thanks for passing on this information! So far the list has been selling briskly, so I think I will recover my production cost of about $350 (which is all I wanted; everything else is just gravy).

I just got tired one day of everyone treating self-published authors like the pariahs of the publishing world, and hopefully these book reviewers will help put a stop to that.

Many of the book reviewers on the list have helped me promote my own books, so I know that they are reliable.
sarah said…
HI Sheila. thanks for the heads up about this.

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