Writing at Christmas ?

Written note from son, found on the breakfast table this morning - "I've run out of contact fluid Mum. Please can you get some more for me before lunch." Son gets up at lunchtime (goes to bed at some unearthly hour), so the note makes perfect sense. And luckily there was a sample pack still in the cupboard so I didn't need to go shopping after church.

Other than that, there's not been much writing done here over the last few days. Lots of eating, which was nice; really nice in fact. And turkey butties, of which I will soon make some more for that afore-mentioned lunch. I did write my usual hundred words a day, except if you look at my drabbles (stories, above) you'll notice I didn't always write or post them quite at the right time. And I've just posted the last of my Christmas Bible studies, but it was written weeks ago.

Reading? I've done plenty of that: Christmas cards and letters, catching up, with thanks and joy, on news of the year gone by; newspapers, catching up on the days; books, catching up on overdue reviews (so yes, I did write two reviews); and internet, catching up on which movies to rent for us all to watch together - my mother, husband, three grown-up sons and me, so we're a hard group to please. Oh, and I read the rules for the board game we'll continue to play this afternoon.

If you were trying to write over Christmas, I hope your writing went well. If you were taking time off, I hope you've had fun. And whatever you're doing, I'll wish you all the joy of the season before I go make (and season) those turkey butties and wake up those sons.


I don't like NOT writing for sustained periods of time, but things intrude and sometimes it's almost better to go with flow rather than maintain the discipline.

bearman said…
Not sure what a Turkey Buttie is but then again not sure I want to know.
Laura Eno said…
I've spent a few days READING for a change. :)
Sheila Deeth said…
Oh Bearman! How can you not know turkey butties? They're one of the best bits of Christmas. Just a piece of turkey between two slices of buttered bread. I guess most folk would call them sandwiches, but we always had butties.

Now, chip butties... where chips means fries... delicious on the prom (seaside promenade) on a hot summer's day...
Unknown said…
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