Beginning to feel like Christmas

It's strange the way your fingers freeze, not straight away but just as you start to believe maybe they won't. And noses too. Even the "I-don't-need-a-coat" son buys a scarf. I shop for gloves 'cause Mum says I should.

It's strange the way hats and scarves and gloves disappear from year to year. Then you enter the store; your ears feeling cold as you leave. "Where's your hat?" "I don't know."

It's strange the way it feels like the year before with no time in between. Mum's here with Christmas in her smile, and while shopping for food should be boring it's turned into fun when we do it as one.

So maybe it's not so strange after all, just beginning to feel like Christmas. The family arrives and it's cold outside.


Linda Kage said…
There has to be a pack rat hidden away somewhere, all warm and snug, nestled in our lost scarves and hats!!
Judith Mercado said…
I've now lived in sunny climes for some time, but what do I still have in my closet for "just in case" moments -- my winter coat, gloves, and hats. I think I've probably used them a handful of times in 20 years. But, you're right. Frosty air and red cheeks seem to go along with the Christmas spirit.
Laura Eno said…
I only know where my hat is because I don't use it here in Florida. It's hard to get that Christmas feeling here. I suppose I'd fit right in in Australia.
Bill Kirton said…
I love 'Mum's here with Christmas in her smile'. This is a great little prose poem about the season - and it's as true in the UK as it is with you.
Bearman said…
It might be feeling like xmas to you but with a wind chill of 1 degree here it is beginning to feel a lot like an ice age to me..haha
Anonymous said…
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