Turning a blog into a website

I read an article about turning blogs into websites and it got me thinking. Maybe I could try. So if you've noticed anything odd about my blog today, that's why. I'm going to start posting my drabbles on their own special page (which is really just another blog) - see the DRABBLE link above. And I'm trying to tidy up some Bible studies that I worked on for my books on Lulu - they're under BIBLE STUDIES, not too surprisingly.

HOME is here, till I work out a better place for it, GATHER is my gather profile, TWITTER my page on Twitter, BOOKS takes you to my Lulu storefront, and BOOK REVIEWS points to a page listing all the books I've reviewed on Goodreads. I'll work on making some more logical pages to jump off from later. But meanwhile I'd love any feedback you care to give.

I'm even learning the odd scrap of HTML as I work on it. And the links bar is just a nice plain boring text box dragged to sit at the top in my layout, with words and links and colors typed into it.


Helen Ginger said…
It's looking good. I wish your book pictures were a little bit larger so I could read the titles.

Straight From Hel
Amy DeTrempe said…
I can barely work my blog, let alone a website. It think your page looks great so far.
Sheila Deeth said…
I see what you mean Helen. I've made the picture link to a page with bigger images now.

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