Leaves continued

I cleared them again. Four wheel-barrows full of leaves today, compared to twelve last time. And I find myself thinking, twelve baskets of crumbs left behind when the five-thousand fed. Perhaps I've just served lunch to five-thousand spiders. (And perhaps I'd better get my next Bible study ready to post.)

Still, clearing leaves is good for the head, throws out those frustrations with yellow and brown and red. There's squirrels out there digging now in earth that was sticky and sodden before. And maybe the squirrels that wander my mind will find treasures behind those dreams.

No more spiders. Tonight I'll dream squirrels with thick bushy tails telling tales in my sleep.


I get a lot of thinking done while raking leaves. This year, their colors are rather dull due to a dry summer, and their also soggy due to all the recent rain.


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