Wednesday's drabble on Saturday

I'm going to be running a women's group at church. I wonder if they realize how very disorganized I am? Anyway, here's my 100 words from last Wednesday Writing Essentials on Gather:

Financial Planning for Dummies:

“Right, let’s get everything out on the table,” said Jen.

Mac, ever faithful, emptied his pockets of new pencils and ancient cracker crumbs.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I’m looking for something; sure I’ve got some sense in here.”

“What?” Jen shared a smile with the others. “Mac’s got sense?”

Then he counted it, a dollar and thirty in change. “Everyone has coins in their pockets,” Mac said. “Just look what goes into the trays at airport security.”


“So I hang around insecurely and acquire a few donations. We’ll be fine.”

“He could be right.”

“Or we’ll be fined.”

(100 words)

Prompts for Wednesday Writing Essentials, September 16, 2009:

* Something must be new
* Reference looking for something
* Use a pun
* Include the words "cracker" and "faithful"


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