Nights and Weekends

Hurray! I've got another story published on In fact, if you go to their front page, you'll see my review of a lunch-time e-book (Vampire Bytes) as well as my short story (Meet the Boyfriend) listed under columns and instant gratification.

Here's a link to Meet the Boyfriend. It's really short. I hope you'll like it and I'd love to read your comments.


Congratulations. I'm heading for the link now!

Stephanie Faris said…
How exciting. I'll go check it out!
Helen Ginger said…
Congratulations on the publication. Yay!

Straight From Hel
Laura Eno said…
Congratulations! That was a nice story. Nervous parents are universal, aren't they? I loved the words 'stupidly frozen.' It told me instantly what kind of smile, the kind I've worn on too many occasions.
Yays! I really like this flash piece *smiling* I love the POV you chose as well - the dad's POV *smiling*

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