Kreativ Blogger Award

Helen Ginger who writes a really interesting blog at Straight from Hel, awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award last weekend, but it’s been such a busy week I decided to wait a while before accepting it.

There are a couple of major requirements to this award:

1. I have to pass it on to 7 other creative recipients, which requires choosing 7 from all the wonderful blogs out there, which requires making decisions, which requires time…


2. I have to list 7 favorite mystery authors: Help! I always answer “too many to name” when people ask who my favorite authors are; and no, specifying mysteries and asking for 7 really doesn’t help.

So what should I do? It’s a pretty award, and I’d really like to post it…

The phone rings. The clock ticks. The dishwasher needs to be emptied and the next load of washing awaits. Meanwhile I search through my favorite blogs, and inspiration strikes. How about I just find seven really neat blogs that feature great mystery authors, and do both lists in one? So here you go…

Beth Groundwater: wonderful mysteries, interesting articles, great blog.
Forensics and Faith: The blogging home of Brandilyn Collins, who writes the Seatbelt Suspense mysteries, highly recommended
Minnette’s Worlds: where you’ll meet Minnette Meador and read her accounts of interviews with homicide. She’s currently writing a fascinating romantic mystery called The Bell Stalker on textnovel.
Murder by 4: with 4 great authors, including Aaron Paul Lazar, who writes the wonderful Gus LeGarde mysteries, and Marta Stephens who writes about Sam Harper.
Mysterious People: where mystery author Jean Henry Mead introduces a wealth of fascinating mystery authors.
The Cockeyed Pessimist: where I was introduced the wonderful mystery writer, Chris Knopf.
The Kill Zone: Too many great mystery and thriller writers to mention, and they’re all writing great articles too. (Actually, there’s 7 of them, which is oddly appropriate.)


Helen Ginger said…
You are goooood, Sheila. You combined the two "requirements," which I always interpret as suggestions, actually.

Straight From Hel

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