...and now they're all talking at once

I wanted my characters to talk to me. I wanted the end to be more than just six letters on a page. But perhaps I should be more careful what I wish for.

There I was, imagining my book was almost done. But now the wedding seems as distant as it was at the beginning, and my characters keep talking, everyone at once.

David wants me to know he's not giving up on Emily. But he has to have some time to think, so he can work out what's best for her. Emily wishes I'd tell her what's on David's mind, because Elsie's not really so bad, and he really shouldn't worry. Meanwhile, I know he's glad he gave her the ring. I know they'll get married in the end. But wasn't that meant to be soon...

I guess it can't happen now until I get some more free time for writing. But never mind. I'm quite enjoying their conversation.


Terry Odell said…
I know exactly what you mean. But just think -- as authors, we're the only people who can hear voices and not get locked in a rubber room.

I finally figured out who my bad guy is, but now he's not willing to tell me how HE found out about what led him to do the killing in the first place.
Hywela Lyn said…
Greatr post, Sheila.

Oh yes, I know this problem. I had a terrible argument with my heroine and lead male character in 'Starquest'. I had the ending written and was just about to type 'The End' when she says 'Excuse me, but it didn't actually happen that way." Then he chips in and says 'Try it this way and you'll see we're right.' (*sigh* unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, they were right, but it meant me completely rewriting the last two chapters!
Helen Ginger said…
When we start out writing, it doesn't cross our minds that writing will be a community process - the writer and multiple characters.

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