Rain is good for reading, right?

We had plans to go away this weekend. All that sunshine--we just had to make use of it. Then the forecast said rain.

So here we sit, the bags still packed away in a cupboard. I guess we're going nowhere unless in dreams--still, rain's good for reading and for dreaming, right?

And here's my list of books I've read as that reading journey continues... just click on the links to find my reviews on gather.

To Account for Murder by William C. Whitbeck:  Another great book from the Permanent Press. Like so many of their books, this one spans genres well beyond the obvious courtroom drama, and delves deep into questions of love and responsibility. It's not in the stores yet--I got lucky; they sent me a preview copy, and I loved it.

The Native Star by M.K. Hobson: A fascinating alternate history tale of 1800s America plus magic. I love the way science, religion and magic were all at odds and yet all compatible.

A Dozen Dreadfuls by Charlotte Holley: I was lucky enough to win this one in Gypsy Shadow's birthday celebration. It's a rather neat scary tale for young (and older) adults in the vein of "be careful what you hope for."

Right Hand up to God by M.J. Croan: A nicely told world-spanning drama linking terrorism, the IRA, Cuba, Australia and more in the tale of a girl who, right hand up to God, promises her dying mother in the Florida Everglades that she'll take care of her newborn brother.

Prophecy Moon by Laura Eno: An enjoyable parallel worlds fantasy that weaves the concept very nicely into a tale of choosing your battles and letting go of the past to reach out to the future.

War in Heaven by Charles Williams: An oldie, but probably a goldie, I really enjoyed this quirky read with beautifully drawn English countryside and characters, and a curiously scary take on the Holy Grail.

The Narrows by Michael Connelly: Well, I had to read this one after reading the Poet. My husband said I must. And it was good.

I did some writing too this week. I've revamped the opening of my Hemlock Edge series. Now just to let it stew a while and I'll try resubmitting it. Please wish me luck.


Laura Eno said…
Wow, Sheila! I'm thrilled and delighted to find your review of Prophecy Moon! Thank you so much!
Aubrie said…
Rain is good for reading, and writing!!

Congrats on your second book being accepted by GSP!
CA Heaven said…
Yes, rain is good chance to get some reading and writing done >:)

Cold As Heaven
I'm sorry. Where were you going that rain ruined the trip?
Teri K said…
I like the variety in this list. There's bound to be something to fit my mood, and rainy weather will be arriving here soon. Plus, I've been on the lookout for something different. Thanks for sharing, Sheila.

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