There's a plane over Canada

There's a plane somewhere over Canada and Mum's flying on it. Give her a wave please if she passes you by.

And there's a washing machine in Portland working overtime. Likewise the vacuum cleaner, dishwasher and other such things as I distract myself from Mum's absence. The house feels empty; no one to open the door for me when I came home; no one to make tea for; no one to comment on the weather; no one to do those unexciting things that become so precious when mother and daughter are able to do them together.

There's a dryer just finished with the sheets from her bed so it's time to work on the towels. And somewhere over Canada, Mum, I hope you're getting a good meal and good company; hope your leg's feeling okay; don't forget those exercises; and know you're loved and being prayed for all the way.


maryrussel said…
Sending my prayers for her safe trip home. I do the same thing when I need distraction. About the only time the house gets a thorough cleaning. LOL
Sheila Deeth said…
Thanks Mary. It looks like the plane arrived safely so I'll phone my brother soon and make sure Mum did too.
Glad she is safe, but sorry you are feeling lonely!
Sheila Deeth said…
Just letting you know Mum and luggage all arrived safely. And the house is almost clean :)
Your mom left with love in her heart and she'll be okay.
Helen Ginger said…
What a sweet post! I know the feeling when someone you love and talk to daily is not there. It's a bit like having part of you gone.

Straight From Hel
I'm glad she had a safe trip. I've noticed that when my wife's not home, I'm much more conscious of what the appliances are doing or what the cats are doing and of time in general.

Linda Kage said…
Good to hear she had a safe trip.

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