Friday, September 30, 2011

Flower Child Blog Tour

With thanks to all those wonderful friends who've offered their support, their help, their advice, and even their blogs as Flower Child begins my first ever blog-tour... Here's a list of all the places I'll be visiting. I've put a nice sparkly banner at the top of the page too, so readers can get back to this list anytime with just one click.

I'll update, fix errors, and add addresses as things change, but, so far, I think it's okay. And again, thank you all! These are all great blogs to visit anyday--why not check them out now? I'll post links and reminders all through October so you can visit them again and meet me there.

Flower Child: just been released by Gypsy Shadow Publishing:
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Or follow my October Flower Child blog tour to learn more:

1. Aubrie Dionne: with thanks to a local writers' group.
2. Jenna-Lynne Duncan: memories of birth,
3. Cheryl Snell: my (un)Musical muse,
    Plus Cheryl's review of Flower Child on Scattered Light at
4. Stephanie Campbell: how I got here, or there,
5. Pat Bertram interviews me
     with an excerpt from Flower Child on
6. Pat Bertram interviews my character
     with an excerpt from Flower Child on
7. Cheryl Masciarelli: The letter e:
    Plus a chance to win a pdf copy of Flower Child at
    Plus I’ll be answering questions all weekend on Goodreads
9.  Glenda Bixler: Mongrel Christian Mathematician
10. Minnette Meador has new excerpts from Flower Child on
11. Jezebel Jorge: questions of identity,
12. Therese Boje: two-step inspiration,
13. AF Stewart: I tell stories: spiritual speculative fiction,
14. Mike Ware interviews me on
15. Aaron Paul Lazar interviews me on
16. Cat Cavendish interviews me on
17. Erin o’Riordan: angels,
18. Dawn Colclasure: mathematical writer?
19. Lyn Hywela: memory and inspiration,
20. Paula Mitchell: I love my book cover,
      Plus a book review at
21. Sutton Fox: what’s that story all about?
22. Mary Russel: what type of book do you write?
23. Mary Russel: Interview with Angela from Flower Child.
24. Christine Amsden reviews Flower Child and interviews me on
25. Fran Lewis reviews Flower Child on facebook
26. Gail Lewis reviews Flower Child on
      and Ruth Cox posts surprise bonus of a 100 words on
27. Tracey Parelli: not all ghosts are scary,
      plus Anjuelle Floyd interviews with me on 
28. Kimberley Brock has a book review and interview
      Plus, live author Q&A at 6pm Pacific on gather
29. Anne Petzer ends her first blog month with a post about my first book on
30. Jane Kirkpatrick features me on
31. Ruthi Cox reviews Flower Child on   
32. Anjuelle Floyd interviewed me on her radio show: Book Talk, Creativity and Family Matters.
Posted with a HUGE thankyou to all the wonderful authors and bloggers who've agreed to be part of this. I'm totally overwhelmed by your kindness and your support. Thank you!!!


Laura Eno said...

Congrats on the release and also on the impressive line up!

maryrussel said...

Congratulations on Flower Child! Posting about your blog tour on FaceBook.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it will be a wonderful tour! Best of luck with Flower Child.

Sheila Deeth said...

Thanks. It's kind of scary to think I'm really doing it. And overwhelming to think how many people are making it possible for me.

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Delighted to be a supportive part of your Flower Child Blg Tour, Sheila! EnJOY the journey!

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Checking today's tour link ... still no Flower Child there.

Sheila Deeth said...

Should be there now. My fault entirely--email problems.