BLOG TOUR: I love my book cover

Have you ever wondered how Flower Child got such a lovely cover, or how books get their covers in general? I've written a post about my Gypsy Shadow book covers for Paula Mitchell; you'll find it on the Community Book Stop today at There's a review of Flower Child too at , and lots of other good books highlighted there, so don't forget to take a tour. Hope to see you there.

Meanwhile, I've been reading and editing. The edits are going pretty well I think--I've searched for "and" and "but" throughout my novel, tidied a few "that"s and ""s, and cut the word-count by two thousand. It feels like an achievement.  Tomorrow I'll start the hunt for "was" "so" "meanwhile" "then" and other much overused words.>

Today there's laundry, leaves, food-shopping and housework calling me. If there's time afterwards I'll write some book reviews...


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