Quoth the raven...

It's nearly October, cold winds blow, and there's mud on the ground. Makes me think of ancient Britain and the Romans, so don't forget to look at yesterday's post, meet author Minnette Meador, and read about the history of London.

Elsewhere the season's turning to scary horror stories. "Who's your favorite horror writer?" says the poll on Goodreads. ("Quoth the raven" comes to mind, obviously, but I suspect Stephen King wins the title for me.)

Meanwhile, I'm still working on my futuristic novel Elijah's Children after time off in Alaska. Erin O'Riordan has given me a perfect image to keep in mind as Elijah, Lynnie and Boy meet up with those ravens. Go to http://erinoriordan.blogspot.com/ to find out more (and see the picture!).


Drum roll... 

Flower Child has been released! My third Gypsy Shadow book, and the first for which I'm going to be doing a blog tour. The drum's still rolling and I'm crawling under the desk thinking Help! Can I really do this? Twelve blog-posts (and counting ) all in the month of October, seven interviews, several copies sent out for review, and more... Watch this space and I'll post a list (with links) of all the places I'll be visiting.

I can hardly believe how kind all my writing and blogging friends have been--to agree to help with a blog tour in October when it's already the end of the September, and to offer so many spaces on their blogs and websites. I do hope you'll follow me round once I post the list. You'll meet some truly wonderful people and maybe find lots more books to read, blogs to follow, and friends to add to your internet lists.

The curious relationship between a grieving mother and her unborn daughter

Flower Child bySheila Deeth

When Megan miscarries her first pregnancy it feels like the end of everything; instead it’s the start of a curious relationship between the grieving mother and an unborn child who hovers somewhere between ghost and angel. Angela, Megan’s “little angel,” has character and dreams all her own, friends who may or may not be real angels, and a little brother who brings hope to her mother’s world. But Angela’s dream-world has a secret and one day Angela might learn how to be real.


Bearman said…
Love the blog tour idea. Get some rest.
CA Heaven said…
I'm not a horror reader. The closest that comes to my mind is the funny little story "Buttercup" from our folk tales, here it is,translated to English >:)

Cold As Heaven
I'm so looking forward to your blog tour activity! I can't believe you've got me to agree to reading an eBook, hahaha!

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