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My first post-promo review!

I woke up this morning, set up the computer to Skype with family in England, waited for brothers to come online, and checked my book on Amazon. Of course, it's not free anymore, so it's lost that glorious #1 position, but here's a screenshot I took earlier, just to remind me...

and here's a link to a lovely review that arrived overnight on Amazon!
I bounced around the room in excitement. What a great review! Then my kind husband responded, yes, it's good, but it's not great.

"Of course it's great," say I in dismay. "Just look at it! My first post-promo review, and it says everything I could possibly want it to say. What's not great about that?"

"It's a good review," says my husband, then tells me I should have more confidence. "You should expect good reviews; shouldn't be so amazed."

Which, I suppose, is a compliment. But I'm  still amazed, still over the moo…

Last day of the sale !!!!!

It's the final day to get a free kindle copy of Genesis People, my last day to stare longingly at those ratings and positions. It's #1 in Old Testament Studies at the moment, and #3 in children's fiction>religious>Christian, so I'm somewhat over the moon, thoroughly delighted, trying not to listen to my cynical mathematical self analyzing the data. Hey, it's good data! #1 is good! And, if you want to download it and find out what I'm writing about, Genesis People is here:
and free until midnight!

Meanwhile I have still been reading, in between cooking, shopping, cleaning, eating (ah yes, eating...), washing (must wash son's clothes before he departs...)... So here are some more book reviews with coffee recommendations (for flavor--I don't rate coffee, I savor it!).

First is Glastonbury…

Liebster, and the plotting of a mystery

I just won a Liebster award from the wonderful MissusWolf so here's my thankyou post with 11 random facts about me, answers to 11 questions posed by the honorable MissusWolf, and 11 new questions for my eager (and probably mysterious) recipients. (Are you eager? Are you mysterious?)

First I have to post the award button, and so do you if you choose to accept this award:
Then,  I offer 11 random facts:
I used to be unable to read my own writing due to holding the pencil in my fist.Then I learned to write properly and legibly, just for a while.Then I went to college where lectures forced as much information from the lecturer's book to the student's notes without going through the brain of either. My writing deteriorated.Then I got a job and used computers a lot.Then I had kids.Then my writing went full circle and became illegible again, but I can usually read what I type.I can't always spell what I type.I was just beginning to realize English spelling is logical when we m…

Books, books and more books by Shannon McRoberts

Shannon McRoberts is touring with a wonderful list of books as the old year ends and the new year begins, so here are my reviews of two of her books, and links to others for your reading pleasure...

But first, let me introduce the author:

Refreshing that Amazon page

I never thought I'd sit here refreshing an Amazon page, but seeing my book climb from #5 to #4 has got me clicking that refresh button way too often. (What about coffee? What about lunch? What about plans for Boxing Day afternoon? say the family...) Still, it's kind of cool, and I'm definitely dreaming of #1 whether or not I make it--can you help?

Genesis People, book one of the Five-Minute Bible Story Series, is free on kindle from today till December 30th, and it's #4 in Old Testament Studies, #15 in childrens fiction > Christian on Amazon as I type! How cool is that? Try it free! Load that kindle you found under the Christmas tree!

Arghghgh--I'm turning into a marketer!

Meanwhile there's another great book from the same publisher on the same free kindle deal--romantic suspense set in Appalachia and the world, spanning poverty and riches, love and betrayal, hope and recovery. Two books for the (free) price of one, both on kindle. Please download Genesis Peo…

Five-Minute Bible Story Series

The Five-Minute Bible Story Series is growing. Re-edited, re-formated, re-proofread (my Mum's a wonderful help, though I'm not sure this is really what she planned when she flew here from England), and re-covered with the most gorgeous cover art (Thank you Cape Arago Press), the storybooks should all be available on Kindle for Christmas. For those of you with kindles under the Christmas tree and an urgent need to fill them, Genesis People will even be free on kindle from December 26th to 30th , so you can try the stories before you buy. Kindle inspiration in the little ones, curiosity in the older kids, and a renewed interest in the Bible for adults. Then look for  E.G. Lewis's Promises, also from Cape Arago Press and also free at

But now I'm wondering, should I write about those Battling Judges next, as I always planned, or should I sneak f…

Heading into the dark with Stacy Green

Today I get to interview Stacy Green, author of the recently released Into the Dark. I'm planning to read Into the Dark soon and I know I shall enjoy it. I also know I'll enjoy this interview, as I really enjoyed my visit to Stacy's blog back in October. So, welcome Stacy and it's good to "see" you here.