GBA reviews, Christian ebook

I read three books in the Christian ebook section of the Dan Poynter Global eBook Awards, all every different from each other, all well-suited to reading with coffee, so here's my reviews and coffee recommendations, with links to longer reviews on Gather.

Grow Old with Me, by Melinda Evaul, is a nicely-told story of people no longer young, making new lives and relationships and recovering from old hurts. Small-town drama, gentle romance, low-key mystery--perfect with a 3-star smoothly balanced cup of coffee.

Equip your mind with the world of God, compiled by Barney O. Browne, is of course a very different book. With clear presentation and very well-chosen quotes, it's undoubtedly a great resource for finding things in the Bible. The science in the introduction and appendix is somewhat muddied and unscientific, so I guess you have to remind yourself it's not a science book and sip your 2-star easy-drinking coffee to soothe your scientific hackles (if you have scientific hackles that is).

And finally, the winner in this section was It's all about HYMN, by Don LeVie Jr., a really readable and interesting book of essays on the subject of music in worship by someone who really knows what he's writing about and practices what he preaches.


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